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10 Reasons to Work with Schneider Wealth Management








Objective third party.  Our only interest rests in helping you make wise decisions on what to do with your money and create custom strategies to accomplish your goals.  As a fiduciary we are required to act in a client's best interest.


Founder serving clients for over 25 years.

Professional Certification

Work with a Certified Financial Planner™ and member of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors).

Personal Attention

We keep our client list short and are highly selective about the types of clients with whom we work, so you have our attention and dedication.



Help keep you accountable.  You have been meaning to do this for years.


Time Saved

Immediately start spending your time doing the things you enjoy.


Peace of Mind

Working with a Fiduciary helps you make thoughtful decisions regarding big financial decisions.


Asset Protection

You worked hard to earn your money and want to ensure that it will continue to work for you.


Care for Loved Ones

Whether now or in the future, you want to take prudent steps today to ensure a sustainable future for yourself along with your loved ones.



Know how much you are paying.

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