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Frequently Asked Questions




Do you have experience in providing advice on the topics below? If yes, indicate the number of years.


  • Retirement planning  -  yes, over 25 years

  • Investment planning  -  yes, over 25 years

  • Tax planning                -  yes, over 25 years with clients' tax advisors

  • Estate planning           -  yes, over 25 years with clients' attorneys

  • Insurance planning    -  yes, over 25 years

  • Integrated planning   -  yes, over 25 years


What are your areas of specialization?


  • Working with analytical clients from the technology industry - typically executives, engineers, and attorneys who are looking to maximize their resources and spend their time efficiently.

  • Asset Management

  • Financial Independence and Charitable Planning

  • Concentrated Stock Strategies


What qualifies you in this field?


  • Certified Financial Planner or CFP® certification

  • Training

  • Over 25 Years of Experience

  • 60 hours of ongoing Continuing Education Required every two years


Who will work with me?


You will work directly with the principal, Meredith Schneider.  No passing off to junior associates.


How are you paid for your services?


Fee Only.  This means no commissions.  We are paid directly by our clients.


Do you have a business affiliation with any company whose products or services you are recommending?




Do you use a recognized third-party custodian to hold your clients’ assets?

Typically clients house most of their liquid assets with custodian Charles Schwab.  This offers clients an extra layer of accountability and oversight.


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