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Getting Started

Please click below for welcome message:

Step by Step Instructions

1.  Complete your Life Survey

Please complete this form.  If a

couple each complete separately.

4.  Sign your Agreement

Please go here to sign your Agreement. 

Exhibit 1 will get completed once your Schwab accounts are open.

2.  Share your Information in Money Guide Pro

Please go to your Client Portal and click on the Vault Tab.  Open folder "Money Guide Pro Instructions" to find out how to connect your accounts and share your information with us.

5.  Set up our Meeting

Please go here to set up our first meeting via online.   Or here to meet outside.

3.  Share Your Documents

Once logged into your Client Portal, please go to the Vault Tab and upload the following documents into the "My Documents and Statements" folder:

A.  Your most recent Social Security Statement.  You can find it here.

B.  Your most recent tax returns.

C.  Your most recent brokerage statements.

6.  Update your email filters

To prevent email going into spam, please add Meredith's and Kim's emails to your approved email list.

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